Colloquium in Jewish Philosophical Theology

December 28-30, 2015

Monday, December 28, 2015
8:30am Registration and Refreshments
King David Hall, Mt. Zion Hotel
9:15am Welcoming Remarks
Joshua Weinstein
9:30am Speaker 1: Berel Dov Lerner (Western Galilee College)
“Could Moses’ Hands Make War? Divine and Human Agency in the Hebrew Scriptures”
10:30am Speaker 2: Jacob Wright (Emory University)
“The Knowledge of God as a Central Teaching of Hebrew Scriptures”
11:30am Coffee Break
12:00pm Speaker 3: Alan Mittleman (Jewish Theological Seminary)
“Holiness and Violence in Judaism”
1:00pm Lunch
2:30pm Speaker 4: Alex Sztuden (Independent Scholar)
“Beyond the Euthyphro Dilemma: God’s Will, Nature and the Moral Law”
3:30pm Coffee Break
4:00pm Speaker 5: James Arcadi (University of Bristol)
“Belonging to the Lord: Consecration, Divine Presence, and the Metaphysics of Holiness in the Hebrew Scriptures”
5:00pm Cocktail
Tuesday, December 29, 2015
9:00am Speaker 6: Yoram Hazony (Herzl Institute)
“What does ‘Torah from Heaven’ Mean?”
10:00am Speaker 7: Shira Weiss (Yeshiva University)
“Reevaluating Theological Concepts in the Bible”
11:00am Coffee Break
11:30am Plenary
1:15pm Lunch
3:00pm Speaker 8: Shmuel Trigano (Nanterre University)
“The Angel’s Descent”
4:00pm Speaker 9: James Diamond (University of Waterloo)
“Constructing a Jewish Philosophical Theology: A Prolegomenon”
Wednesday, December 30, 2015
9:00am Speaker 10: Melis Erdur (Tel-Aviv University)
“Torah From (but not in) Heaven”
10:00am Speaker 11: Craig Bartholomew (Redeemer University College)
“The God Who Acts in History”
11:00am Coffee Break
11:30am Speaker 12: Joshua Amaru (Yeshivat Eretz Hazvi)
“Halachic Virtue and Wisdom”
12:30pm Speaker 13: Lenn Goodman (Vanderbilt University)
“The Holy One of Israel”
1:30pm Lunch
3:00pm Plenary
4:45pm End of Workshop
6:00pm Closing Dinner at Gavriel Restaurant

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