Conference Schedule

Sunday, December 20, 2015
1:30pm Registration and Refreshments
Konrad Adenauer Conference Center, Mishkenot Sha’ananim
2:15pm Mincha afternoon prayer (optional)
2:30pm Opening Remarks
Gavriel Lakser (The Herzl Institute)
Yoram Hazony (The Herzl Institute)
3:00pm Session 1

James Diamond (University of Waterloo)
“Divine Being or Divine Becoming: The Perfection of Imperfection”

Eleonore Stump (Saint Louis University)
“The Personal God of Classical Theism”

Session Chair: Dru Johnson (The Kings College)

5:00pm Coffee Break
5:30pm Session 2

 Moshe Halbertal (NYU and Hebrew University)
“God’s perfection and Biblical  Midrashic Anthropomorphic Imagination”

Session Chair: Joshua Amaru (Yeshivat Eretz Hazvi)

6:30pm Cocktail
Monday, December 21, 201
9:00am Session 3

Lenn Goodman (Vanderbilt University)
“Toward a More Perfect Idea of God”

Ed Halper (University of Georgia)
“Anger and Divine Perfection”

Session Chair: Jacob Wright (Emory University)

11:00am Coffee Break
11:30am Session 4

Shmuel Trigano (University of Paris X)
“God’s Perfection in the Being’s Withdrawal”

Session Chair: Ofir Haivry (Herzl Institute)

12:30pm Lunch
2:00pm Session 5

Michael Miller (University of Nottingham)
“God’s Perfection and His Name”

Zvi Grumet (The Jerusalem College)
“Omnipotent God Meets Potent Man”

Session Chair: Baruch Alster (Givat Washington College)

4:00pm Coffee Break and optional Mincha afternoon prayer
4:30pm Session 6

Heather Ohaneson (Columbia University)
“Turning From the Perfection of God to the Wondrousness of God”

Brian Leftow (Oxford University)
“Perfect Being Theology and the Bible”

Session Chair: Shira Weiss (Yeshiva University)

Tuesday, December 22, 2015
9:00am Session 7

Randy Ramal (Claremont Graduate Institute)
“The Problem of Subliming God’s Existence”

Howard Wettstein (University of California Riverside)
“The Imponderable God”

Session Chair: Michael Antony (University of Haifa)

11:00am Coffee Break
11:30am Session 8

Yoram Hazony (Herzl Institute)
“Is God Perfect Being?”

Session Chair: Yitzhak Lifshitz (Shalem College)

12:30pm Lunch
2:00pm Session 9

Oliver Crisp (Fuller Theological Seminary)
“A Parsimonious Model of Divine Simplicity”

Joshua Weinstein (The Herzl Institute)
“On God’s Imperfect Unity”

Session Chair: Craig Bartholomew (Redeemer University College)

4:00pm Coffee Break and optional Mincha afternoon prayer
4:30pm Walking Tour: the First Communities Outside of the Old City Walls (optional)
Wednesday, December 23 , 2015
9:00am Session 10

Berel Dov Lerner (Western Galilee College)
“Is God a Stander or a Walker?”

Shalom Rosenberg (Hebrew University)
“The Divine Perfection – Notes and Comments”

Session Chair: Melis Erdur (Tel Aviv University)

11:00am Coffee Break
11:30am Session 11

Alex Sztuden (Independent Scholar)
“Divine Attributes: Biblical, Talmudic, and Philosophical Perspectives”

Session Chair: Aaron Koller (Yeshiva University)

12:30pm Lunch
(Closing session for participants in the Young Scholars Workshop in th Pastel room)
2:00pm Session 12

Alan Torrance (University of St. Andrews)
"Divine Perfection and the Reality of God’s Self-Disclosure: Are Mixed Relations Mixed Up?"

Roslyn Weiss (Lehigh University)
“Elohim: Knower of Good and Evil”

Session Chair: Patrick Monaghan (Doane College)

4:00pm Coffee Break and optional Mincha afternoon prayer
4:30pm Session 13

Alan Mittleman (Jewish Theological Seminary)
“Trusting God and Being Ourselves”

Session Chair: Yehuda Gellman (Ben Gurion University)

5:30pm End of Conference
6:30pm Closing Dinner at Kedma restaurant for Conference Speakers, Session Chairs,
and Participants in the Young Scholars Workshop