Yoshi Fargeon

Yoshi Fargeon is a lecturer of Bible at Herzog College and at Bar-Ilan University, and an editor of Megadim: Journal of Biblical studies. He holds a Senior Teacher Diploma and a B.Ed. in Bible Studies and in Jewish Oral Law form Herzog College, an M.A. and a Ph.D. in Bible Studies from Bar Ilan University. His fields of interest are: Biblical Narrative, exegesis (with a focus in Jewish medieval commentators), and theology (with an emphasis on biblical notions about God, and the conflict between Jewish traditional theology and modern bible criticism). He has recently published an article on God’s usage of deception in the Exodus narrative (“And they have caused Egypt to err in every work thereof”,Isaiah 19:14,  The Passover Holiday: A Compilation of Essays on Passover, A. Bazak and others, Alon Shvut 5775, pgs. 43-81, Heb), and a wide anthology of rabbinic sources related to modern bible criticism (“Wisdom and knowledge are granted you”, Chronicles II, 1:12, Collection of Annotated Sources,  In the Eyes of God and Man; Believing Man and Textual Research, Y. Brandes and others, Jerusalem 5775, pgs. 14-160, Heb.).