Conference Schedule

Sunday, June 18, 2017
3:00pm Registration and Refreshments
Konrad Adenauer Conference Center, Mishkenot Sha’ananim
3:30pm Mincha afternoon prayer (optional)
4:00pm Opening Remarks
Gavriel Lakser (The Herzl Institute)
Yoram Hazony (The Herzl Institute)
4:30pm Session 1

 Lenn Goodman (Vanderbilt University)

5:30pm Cocktail
Monday, June 19, 2017
9:00am Session 2

Session Chair: Rafi Eis (The Herzl Institute)

Shawn Zelig Aster (Bar–Ilan University)
“Historical Issues Connected to Sinai”

Ben Tzion Katz (Independent Scholar)
“A Traditional, Yet Modern Approach to Torat Moshe MiSinai”

11:00am Coffee Break
11:30am Session 3

Session Chair: Joshua I. Weinstein (The Herzl Institute)

Richard Briggs (Durham University)
“’Never Since Has There Arisen a Book in Israel like the Books of Moses’ : Canonical Constructions of the Theological Priority of the Written Torah”

Mitchell Rocklin (The Tikvah Fund)
“Creative Tradition”

1:30pm Lunch
3:00pm Session 4

Session Chair: Shira Weiss (Yeshiva University)

Shalom Carmy (Yeshiva University)
“G-d, Israel, Moses: The Formation of the Ongoing Learning Community”

4:00pm Coffee Break and optional Mincha afternoon prayer
4:30pm Session 5

Gil Student (Independent Scholar)
“Rethinking Revelation: Three Talmudic Scholars Grapple With Bibilical Criticism”

James Diamond (University of Waterloo)
“When is Torah Not From Heaven? Profiling the False Prophet”

6:30pm End Day 2
Tuesday, June 20, 2017
9:00am Session 6

Session Chair: Baruch Alster (Givat Washington College)

Steven Kepnes (Colgate University)
“From Torah Min Ha-Shamayim to Talmud Torah: Revelation and Interpretation”

Heather Ohaneson (George Fox University)
“Teaching From Zion: When Heaven Touches Both City and Mountain”

11:00am Coffee Break
11:30am Session 7

Session Chair: Stephanie N. Nordby (University of St. Andrews)

Yoram Hazony (Herzl Institute)
“Torah From Heaven: Moses and Sinai in Exodus”

12:30pm Lunch
2:00pm Tour: Khirbet Kayafa and the Earliest Davidic Cities(optional)
Bus to leave from the Windmill parking lot. Return about 7:00pm.
Wednesday, June 21 , 2017
9:00am Session 8

Session Chair: Yehuda Gellman (Ben Gurion University)

Joshua Amaru (Yeshivat Eretz Hazvi)
“Revelation and Halakha”

Joshua I. Weinstein (The Herzl Institute)
“Between Normativity and Givenness: Torah mi-Shamayim in Several Dimensions”

11:00am Coffee Break
11:30am Session 9

Session Chair: Dru Johnson (The King’s College)

Cao Jian (Sun Yat-sen University)
“Chinese Faces of Moses in Modern China”

12:30pm Lunch
Closing session of the Young Scholars Workshop in the Fostel Hall.
2:30pm Session 10

Session Chair: David Worsley (University of York)

Jonathan Burnside (University of Bristol)
“Moses contra Bentham: Deconstructing the Influence of Legal Positivism on Biblical Law”

Jeremiah Unterman (The Herzl Institute)
“Sinai Law and the Hammurabi Code – A Comparative Study”

4:30pm Coffee Break and optional Mincha afternoon prayer
5:00pm Session 11

Session Chair: Lenn Goodman (Vanderbilt University)

C. John “Jack” Collins (Covenant Theololgical Seminary)
“How Does the Hebrew Bible Speak About God’s Action in the World?”

7:00pm Dinner at Sheyan Restaurant for Conference Speakers, Sessions Chairs, Participants in the Young Scholars’ Workshop, and Spouses
Thursday, June 22, 2017
9:00am Session 12

Session Chair: Jeremiah Unterman (The Herzl Institute)

Alex Sztuden (Independent Scholar)
“Revelation, Authority, and the Space Between”

H. Norman Strickman (Touro College)
“Torah From Heaven – Which Torah?”

11:00am Coffee Break
11:30am Session 13

Session Chair: Yoram Hazony (The Herzl Institute)

Shira Weiss (Yeshiva University)
“God’s Self-Description at Sinai”

William J. Abraham (Southern Methodist University)
“The Challenge of Unbelief and Skepticism in the book of Exodus”

1:30pm Lunch and Farewells