Kevin T. Nordby

Kevin T. Nordby is a doctoral student studying epistemology and philosophy of religion at the University of Oklahoma. His dissertation is on the subject of religious experience, and his advisor is Linda Zagzebski. He is also a Postdoctoral Teaching & Research Fellow at the University of St Andrews for the Science-Engaged Theology Project, and a Research Associate with the Logos Institute of Analytical and Exegetical Theology. Nordby’s primary research endeavors concern modes of cognition and religious experience, as well as the justification of experience-informed beliefs. In addition to his research, Nordby is passionate about teaching. He received the Provost’s Certificate of Distinction for Outstanding Graduate Assistant Teaching and was named a Graduate Teaching Scholar and Senior Fellow by the University of Oklahoma. He has been an invited speaker for numerous panels, conferences, and task forces on teaching, inclusion, and student engagement. Nordby has an M.A. in philosophy from Virginia Tech, where he studied under the supervision of Walter Ott and Lydia Patton, and he first learned to love philosophy while studying with Dorit Bar-on, Ram Neta, and Jay Rosenberg as an undergraduate at UNC Chapel Hill. Nordby’s other philosophical interests include animal cognition, business ethics, and existentialism. When not doing philosophy, he enjoys teaching nontraditional students, mountain biking, and tinkering on anything from cars to computers. He is married to fellow philosopher Stephanie Nicole Nordby, and they have two dogs who are often the subjects of their philosophical thought experiments.