Stephanie Nicole Nordby

Stephanie Nicole Nordby is a doctoral student in theology working under supervisors Alan Torrance and N.T. Wright at the University of St Andrews. Her dissertation project is a book on Christology in which she hopes to integrate recent work in biblical studies on Second Temple Judaism, the philosophy of Hebrew Scripture, and the idea of the Incarnation as a revelatory act. Prior to her time at St Andrews, Nordby received a PhD in philosophy under the supervision of Linda Zagzebski at the University of Oklahoma. Her dissertation focused on divine predication and attributes, biblical genres and philosophy of language, and classical theism and the Hebrew Scriptures. Nordby also studied philosophy at Virginia Tech with Walter Ott and Lydia Patton, and she was fortunate to spend a summer at Oxford studying John Henry Newman with Ian Ker. She was awarded a grant from the Classical Theism Project for her paper, “Divine Predication, Impassibility, and Aseity.” In addition to her interest in analytical and exegetical theology, Nordby is interested in metaphysics, animal ethics, and virtue ethics. She is married to fellow philosopher Kevin T. Nordby, and they have two dogs who love their owners very much and are definitely not automatons.