Conference Schedule

Monday, July 23, 2012
1:00pm Registration and Lunch

Opening Remarks

Yoram Hazony (Institute for Advanced Studies at the Shalem Center)

Meirav Jones (Institute for Advanced Studies at the Shalem Center)


Invited Speaker: Eleonore Stump (Saint Louis University)

Topic: Athens and Jerusalem: The Relationship of Philosophy and Biblical Studies

Session Chair: Yoram Hazony

4:15pm Coffee Break

Session 1

Berel Dov Lerner (Western Gallilee College), From Genesis to Exodus: Certainty Lost and Regained

Kenneth Green (University of Toronto), What Moses Saw: Maimonidean Meditations, or, On the Torah as a Speculative Teaching

Session Chair: Menachem Kellner (University of Haifa)

6:30pm Cocktail
Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Session 2

Meir Simchah Panzer (Bar-Ilan University), Beyond Cognitive Paganism—Advancing Epistemology with Biblical Conceptual Metaphors

Katherine Munn and Michael Dormandy (Oxford University), Interactive Knowledge: Biblical Epistemology from the Ground Up 

Session Chair: Miryam Brand (NYU)

11:00am Coffee Break

Session 3

David Lambert (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), Knowledge as Performance in the Hebrew Bible

Dru Johnson (Kings’ College), Polanyi's Scientific Epistemology and the Tanakh's Suppositions for Knowing

Session Chair: Alex Kohav (Metro State College)

1:30pm Lunch

Invited Speaker: Yoram Hazony

Topic: Does the Bible Make Arguments of a General Nature?

Session Chair: Sharon Green (University of Toronto)

4:00pm Coffee Break

Session 4

Roslyn Weiss (Lehigh University), Hinnam: The Trials of Job and Abraham and the Limits of Divine Omniscience

Jonathan Jacobs (John Jay College, CUNY), The Realism of Biblical Moral Wisdom

Session Chair: Ofir Haivry (IFAS, The Shalem Center)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Session 5

David Lemler (Ecole Pratique Des Hautes Etudes (EPHE)), A great thing : the description of the Chariot ; A small thing : the disputes of Abayye and Rava

Tony Biondi (University of Winchester), "[E]very shepherd is an abomination": Great Books and Jewish Voices

Session Chair: Benjamin Schvarcz (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

11:00am Coffee Break

Session 6

Hannah Hashkes (IFAS, The Shalem Center), Steven Kepnes (Colgate University), and Yitzhak Lifshitz (PPR, The Shalem Center)

Symposium: Transcendent and Immanent Notions of God

Session Chair: Alan Levenson (University of Oklahoma)

1:00pm Lunch

Session 7

Theodore Perry (Boston College), Qohelet, Levinas, and Philosophy

Jacob Howland (Tulsa University), Greek Poetics and the Theology of Biblical Narrative

Session Chair: Joshua Weinstein (PPR, The Shalem Center) 

4:30pm Coffee Break

 Invited Speaker: Michael Fishbane (University of Chicago)

Topic: Biblical Hermeneutics and Philosophical Theology: Thoughts Toward a Jewish Model -- With Textual Examples

Session Chair: Tzahi Weiss (PPR, The Shalem Center)

6:30pm Optional Night tour.  Advance registration required.
Thursday, July 26 , 2012

Session 8

James Diamond (University of Waterloo), Prophetic Knowing Toward Death: The Silent Sound of Dying for Others

Dan Baras (Ben Gurion University), The Prophecy of the Jurist: Moral, Jurisprudential and Halakhic Intuitionism

Session Chair: Yechiel Leiter (IFAS, The Shalem Center)

11:00am Coffee Break

Invited Speaker: Shmuel Trigano (University of Paris X – Nanterre) 

Topic: "YHVH spoke to Moses, saying": Epiphony in the Torah 

Session Chair: Peter Ochs (University of Virginia)

12:30pm Lunch

Session 9

Benjamin Sommer (Jewish Theological Seminary). How Can One Know About God? Natural Law and Revealed Law in Psalm 19

Moshe Shoshan (Hebrew University), "Truth, Violence and the Law: A political reading of the story of the Oven of Achnai"

Session Chair: Meirav Jones (IFAS, The Shalem Center)

4:00pm Coffee Break

Session 10

Joshua Berman (Bar-Ilan University), Knowing the Law: Statutory vs. Common-law Jurisprudence in the Biblical Concept of Law

Ari Barbalat (UCLA), A World State is Problematic: Imperialism and Hegemony in the Judaic Midrashim and Islamic Qisas al-Anbiya

Session Chair: Micha'el Tanchum (MEIS, The Shalem Center)

7:00pm Closing Dinner for speakers and session chairs