Aryeh Tepper

Aryeh Tepper, Post-Doctoral Fellow
Aryeh Tepper earned his doctorate in the Department of Jewish Thought at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. His book,Progressive Minds, Conservative Politics: Leo Strauss’ Later Writings on Maimonides, was published in 2013 with SUNY Press. His essays, articles and prose-poems have appeared in the Jewish Review of BooksJewish Ideas DailyThe Literary Review, The Madison Review,The Jerusalem Post, and The Jewish Daily Forward, and other places. Aryeh has taught at the Tikvah Fellowship in New York City, the CUNY Graduate Center, and the Conservative Yeshiva in Jerusalem. His time at the Herzl Institute is devoted to researching and writing about the Bible’s teaching regarding the problematic power of music, a subject on which he has lectured at Princeton University, the University of Arizona, and the National Jazz Museum in Harlem. Aryeh teaches at Ben-Gurion University and lives in Israel with his wife Maya and their four children.

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