Yoram Hazony

Yoram Hazony is President of the Herzl Institute and the Director of the John Templeton Foundation’s project in Jewish Philosophical Theology. He is founder and past President of the Shalem Center in Jerusalem, now Shalem College. His research interests include philosophy of mind, metaphysics, philosophy of religion, and political philosophy. His next book is God and Politics in Esther, to be published by Cambridge University Press in 2016. Previous books include The Philosophy of Hebrew Scripture (Cambridge University Press, 2012), which was awarded the second place PROSE award for the best book in the category of Theology and Religion by the Association of American Publishers; and The Jewish State: The Struggle for Israel’s Soul (Basic Books, 2000). He holds a B.A. in East Asian Studies from Princeton University and a Ph.D. in Political Theory from Rutgers University.

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