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Dear Bible-Philos List Member,

Thanks for subscribing to Bible-Philos. This list is intended to create a common space for scholars interested in exploring the ideas of the Hebrew Bible, Talmud and Midrash. List subscribers are invited to post announcements related to the philosophical investigation of the metaphysics, epistemology, ethics and political thought of the Hebrew Scriptures and classical rabbinic sources, or to the historical reception of these sources and their ideas in the later history of the West. Announcements can be posted about conferences, workshops, publications, fellowships and other subjects of interest to list members.

One of the obstacles to the development of this field of study has been the lack of an efficient way of keeping track of relevant publications. Books and articles directly relevant to the subject matter appear under the rubric of philosophy, political theory, Bible, Talmud, Jewish Studies, literature, law, theology, and other disciplines. This list is intended to provide a way for list members to learn of publications of interest in a timely and systematic fashion. To spare authors the awkwardness of having to announce their own publications, the Bible-Philos list invites list members to submit brief reviews of books and articles that are of direct relevance to the subject of the list. Please limit reviews to 300 words.

The subject matter of this list is interdisciplinary. At this point there are more than 500 scholars and students subscribed from a broad variety of disciplines. Please make sure that any submissions are worded in such a way as to be appropriate for scholars from different disciplines.

This is a moderated list. Posts will be screened for topicality, collegiality, and coherence. We will not post announcements or reviews where these are concerned principally with the historical or literary aspects of the Bible or rabbinic sources, and do not have clear relevance to philosophy or to the history of ideas.

Announcements and reviews may be submitted to bible-philos@herzlinstitute.org .

If you have feedback and suggestions, please be in touch with me at yhazony@herzlinstitute.org .

Yoram Hazony
The Herzl Institute, Jerusalem

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